The best of: external benefits

You literally perk up from an alcohol break. After a few weeks of break you really become the best version of yourself. Radiant skin, shiny hair and a few pounds lighter... just look in the mirror and enjoy!

Fresh and fruity inside and out!

Have you been getting compliments about your appearance lately? That is not surprising, because the fact that you feel so fresh and fruity on the inside can also be seen on the outside. An alcohol break is the best booster for a radiant appearance. Read here what not drinking does for your body and see which changes you can check off. Radiating skin? Check!

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Mirror Mirror on the wall…

…who is the fairest in the land? Well, we can't tell you that. What we do know is that people who take good care of themselves and who are comfortable in their own skin will shine naturally. And yes, drinking less or not drinking also contributes to your beauty. Because did you know that you get a more beautiful skin if you drink little or no alcohol?

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Alcohol and the quality of your hair

A healthy head of hair. A given for some, a wish for others. Whatever condition your hair and scalp are in, alcohol has no positive influence on its quality. For example, alcohol can be the reason for fragile locks or cause scalp problems.

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Kilos lighter and centimeters less

Have your pants become a bit looser since you took part in IkPas? That's possible, because about 32% of the previous participants indicates that they have lost a few kilos during IkPas. How come you can lose weight when you stop drinking your regular beer or wine? Read more about the relationship between alcohol and food here.

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Tot hier en niet verder

Nederlanders staan open voor maatregelen die gezond eten en drinken stimuleren, maar het moet niet te dwingend worden. We willen wel moeite doen voor het verbeteren van onze gezondheid, maar…
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