Kilos lighter and centimeters less

Have your pants become a bit looser since you took part in IkPas? That's possible, because about 32% of the previous participants indicates that they have lost a few kilos during IkPas. How come you can lose weight when you stop drinking your regular beer or wine? Read more about the relationship between alcohol and food here.

There are several reasons why you can lose weight while you stop drinking alcohol. This is not only due to the fact that wine, beer and mixed drinks themselves contain many empty calories, but also because of the impact that alcohol has on your eating, sleeping and exercise pattern. Is losing a few kilos a nice by-catch in your opinion? Read here how participating in IkPas will get you in shape (unnoticed).

First the alcohol then the rest

Alcohol is a toxic substance that your body wants to get rid of as quickly as possible. That is why your liver first starts breaking down the alcohol. Only then will the calories that you have taken in come into play. The substances that your body cannot get to are stored as fat for as long as possible. By drinking alcohol, you actually put your normal combustion process on pause every time.

Empty calories

To continue with the calorie story: alcoholic drinks consist mainly of empty calories. Empty calories provide energy, but add nothing when it comes to the nutrients your body needs (read: fiber, vitamins and minerals). That's why you don't feel satisfied. As a result, despite the calories you already ingest with drinking alcohol, you start eating and you may take in more calories than you burn. That of those empty calories also applies to soft drinks. So with a cola tap you actually give your body a double tap. Would you rather not drink empty calories? Then stick to water, spa red or tea (without sugar).

Alcohol and appetite

Another reason why you get hungry after drinking alcohol is your hypothalamus. This part of your brain regulates your sleep rhythm, body temperature and hunger. Alcohol causes the hypothalamus to falsely signal that you are hungry. The fact that you get hungry after drinking alcohol does not necessarily have to be a problem, if it means that you suddenly do an unrestrained grab in the bowl of raw vegetables. Unfortunately, in practice especially carbohydrates and fat seem irresistible. This is because your body has to work hard to get the alcohol out of your body. The energy this takes causes low blood sugar. Your body responds to this by asking for carbohydrate-rich food.

Because alcohol also stimulates the acid production in your stomach, the urge to eat fatty foods (source It is therefore very logical that drinking alcohol is often accompanied by a cheese platter or bitter garnish. In the case of a hangover, this even works until the next day. Not drinking alcohol saves a lot of money in the bag of chips, a nightly trip to the chip shop or the next morning a breakfast with eggs and bacon.

IkPas and IkFeelmefit

The benefits that IkPassers experience after they have stopped drinking alcohol is that they feel fitter and sleep better. Both benefits aid in weight loss. When you feel tired, your body will look for ways to raise the energy level. As a result, you feel like (calorie-rich) food. A well-rested body remains better in balance, so that you tend to snack less. And finally: when you are rested, you feel fitter and you feel more like running, cycling or walking that round!

IkPas and a healthy lifestyle

A final reason why you can lose weight during your IkPas period is because you already consciously take the step towards a healthier lifestyle with IkPas. You don't drink alcohol, you feel good about your choice and that motivates you to make healthier choices on other fronts as well.

Lose weight without noticing

In addition to raising awareness about your alcohol habits, your participation in IkPas provides you with a fitter body. In short, this is because:

  • Your body does not have to put energy into getting rid of toxic substances.
  • You no longer ingest empty calories through alcohol.
  • You are less triggered to snack.
  • You sleep better and therefore have more energy.
  • You feel fitter and become more motivated to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

PS: Are you curious how many empty calories you consume less per week thanks to your participation in IkPas? Then take a look at the calorie overview below. You will immediately see why it is better to replace your beer with water or tea. A glass of soft drink or fruit drink seems like a nice alternative, but secretly also contains quite a few calories. Non-alcoholic beer also seems to be a better choice in terms of calories. However, we are not in favor of that. Why not, you read in '0.0: a good alternative or a temptation in disguise?'

Drink with alcohol


Average number

kcal per glass

Drink without alcohol

250 ml (large glass)

Average number of kcal per glass
Beer, lager (250 ml) 110 Coke 95
Red wine (100 ml) 82 Cola Light 0
Dry, white wine (100 ml) 67 7UP 95
Rosé (100 ml) 71 orange 95
Beer, old brown (250 ml) 90 Bitter lemon 95
Liqueur (35 ml) 85 ice tea 77,5
Whiskey (35ml) 85 Orange juice 110
Port Wine (35ml) 80 Apple juice 113
Rum (35ml) 80 chocolatemilk 193
Berry genever (35 ml) 65 Non-alcoholic or low-alcohol beer 55



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