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31 Aug 2021 / Topical / Background

…who is the fairest in the land? Well, we can't tell you that. What we do know is that people who take good care of themselves and who are comfortable in their own skin will shine naturally. And yes, drinking less or not drinking also contributes to your beauty. Because did you know that you get a more beautiful skin if you drink little or no alcohol?

Drinking alcohol directly affects your liver. Your task is to break down the alcohol as quickly as possible. Now let that liver be connected to your skin. A liver that has to work overtime experiences stress. That stress can manifest itself in troubled skin.

Drinking two glasses of alcohol every day alone causes a lack of moisture in the skin, and can lead to inflammation, discoloration, reduced collagen production and premature aging. The result is a tired look, thanks to puffiness, a slumped face and redness. Source: beaumonde.nl.

How about that?

Alcohol dehydration

Drinks with a high content of methanol, isopentanol and acetone (also called 'congeners') are responsible for your hangover and drying out the skin. In addition, drinking too much alcohol hinders the production of vasopressin. The hormone that helps you absorb water.

Inflammation due to alcohol

Mixed drinks and cocktails are nice and sweet. And that's because of the high amount of sugar and carbohydrates these drinks contain. Excess carbohydrates and sugars can lead to inflammation of the skin.

Acne due to alcohol

In addition to sugar bombs, there are also drinks with a high salt content. Both types of alcohol can lead to an overproduction of oil in your skin thanks to the hormone IGF-1. The skin follicles are blocked by the oil. And because your skin is already on edge when it comes to inflammation, you create the ideal conditions here for pimples to develop.

Skin aging due to alcohol

Alcohol removes moisture from the skin and drinking alcohol results in cell damage. It also reduces your liver's stores of vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant that promotes cell turnover and protects your skin from things like pollution.

Skin discoloration due to alcohol

Alcohol causes dilated blood vessels. If the blood vessels expand too much, they burst. In addition, the skin can look dull if the liver no longer functions properly, or pigment spots can develop around the eyes. Source: womenshealth.com.

A break makes your skin glow

Alcohol has a diuretic effect, so you have to go to the toilet more often during your night out/dinner/visiting friends. This causes your body to lose more fluid at a rapid pace. In addition, alcohol reduces the production of the antidiuretic hormone, which normally helps the body absorb fluids again.

Dull misery

Thanks to drinking alcohol, you therefore have to go to the toilet more often and the production of the antidiuretic hormone decreases perceptibly. Added up, this causes a moisture deficiency in your body and you can see that in your skin. After an evening of looking too deeply into the glass, your face often looks gray and dull the next day and feels less supple. During the break period you will notice a big difference in your skin within a few days. It will be more hydrated and therefore look younger and fresher.

Fast result

When you pause, you get quick results. Also regarding your skin. Because you temporarily do not drink, your skin hydrates better. And that ensures a fresh and younger look. Within a few weeks the worst redness will disappear and your face will have a natural glow. What additionally stimulates the condition of your skin is drinking water, a lot of sleep, a good facial cleansing and eating enough vegetables.




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