Strike out after paying online liquor stores?

November 15, 2022 / Topical / Background

Of any mandatory alcohol protocol, to criticism of the 'postpay option' at the online liquor web shops: the liquor stores - online and offline - have been in the news in recent weeks. Prevention organizations are surprised that many online liquor stores offer postpay, stating that this goes against the spirit of the alcohol law. A majority of the parties in the House of Representatives want digital liquor stores to stop offering 'deferred payment'.

The Alcohol Act was amended last year. A good thing, because it contains stricter rules that prohibit price promotions and high discounts on alcohol. This is to prevent people from buying more alcohol than they intended. What turns out now? Almost all major Dutch online liquor stores now work together with 'buy now pay later' apps (bnpl), such as Klarna or Riverty. This 'pay later principle' ensures that if you feel like a drink now, but don't have enough money on the account, you can still buy your drink. You only have to pay for the alcohol ordered online two weeks to two months later.

Widespread surprise

Strange, say the prevention organizations, such as the Trimbos Institute, Jellinek and the Alcohol Prevention Foundation (STAP). Because this goes against the spirit of the alcohol law. And a majority of the parties in the House of Representatives also question this state of affairs and want digital liquor stores to stop offering 'deferred payment'.

The purpose of the price incentive

The prevention organizations explain why paying afterwards is so undesirable: “This makes it very attractive for young people and problem drinkers to buy alcohol. Moreover, the price incentive is precisely an effective means that can deter people from drinking alcohol,” says the Trimbos Institute.

Gall&Gall reconsiders deferred payment option

Legally there is nothing wrong with the 'buy now pay later' apps. 'Deferred payment' is legally not credit, and therefore the purchases are not supervised by the BKR foundation (credit registration agency), which monitors the build-up of problematic debts (source: But experts have been warning against delayed payment for some time. These types of apps blur the line between a purchase and a loan. Shopping with money that you don't have at that moment can get vulnerable groups into trouble.

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