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In our search for news articles we came across a lot of interesting material. For example, we came across articles that go deeper into facts and fables about flu and vitamins, fun facts about fruit and vegetables and more about increasing your resistance.

Does a mouth cap help? Does the flu shot prevent getting the flu? Does a warm groc make you sweat out a flu? Read 9 facts and fables about the flu here.

9 facts and myths about the flu

Vitamin C is good for your resistance. And did you know that the red pepper beats the orange when it comes to a vitamin C boost? Check out the facts and myths about vitamin C.

Facts and Myths About Vitamin C

And super vitamin D also contributes to your resistance. Curious about his role?

Facts Fables About Vitamin D

Tea is tasty and bursting with vitamins C and D and antioxidants. Win-win-win!

Tea and increasing your resistance

Healthy eating helps to build a good resistance. Here you can read more about our favorite fruit the apple, the high sugar content of the lemon and the fiber richness of blueberries.

10 fun facts about fruits and vegetables

Need tips on increasing your resistance? Biochemist Harry Wichers of Wageningen Research will keep you up to date.

How do I increase my resistance?



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