being sober is in

Not drinking is still 'boring' in the eyes of some. A conscious lifestyle, on the other hand, is gaining ground. The outcome is that more and more people are renaming January as detox month. Or opt for no drop for half a year. Hello non-alcoholic subculture.

Being sober is in. The main reason for people to take a break is health. But 'really connecting' is also a frequently heard argument. Catching up with a friend while you are both getting increasingly drunk often does not lead to the most substantive conversations.

That's it

In addition, the good intentions also contribute to the large number of enthusiasts who participate in initiatives such as a Dry January and 40 days of no drop. Shifting the focus from eating and drinking festivities to sports and healthy eating. The body relaxes and can focus on the tasks it is supposed to do.

Cup with it

There are also people who go a step further than not drinking for a month. There is a real non-alcoholic subculture emerging of people who consciously choose to stay sober. Deepening and connection are important reasons for them to leave alcohol for what it is. Without the necessary drinks you simply keep your attention better and you experience conversations differently.

From America of course

Because that's where this trend comes from. Especially in the American big cities you see that more and more people prefer a spinach smoothie to a beer with a foam head. Within this non-alcoholic subculture you see that the so-called 'morning raves' are on the rise. These morning parties contain the same ingredients as an evening party. Fat beats, cool decoration and a group of people who are absorbed in atmosphere and music. And all this without drinking a single drop. After such a party you will be brimming with energy and you will be ready for your (work) day. Alcohol-free initiatives are now sprouting like mushrooms in cities such as New York and Los Angeles.

Sober forever

The question is whether we will all go through life sober in the future. The fact is that there is more and more awareness about lifestyle, taking care of yourself and your environment. And that more and more non-alcoholic initiatives are popping up. Moments when you can fully connect and make real contact with people. And all without a headache the next day ;)







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