Fewer cases of alcohol poisoning

September 10, 2021 / Topical / Background

Being in lockdown was not fun. In some cases even heavy or even worse: distressing. But if we may touch on a bright spot, during the two lockdowns in 2020 fewer children were admitted due to alcohol poisoning.

The first lockdown (mid-March 2020 – late May 2020) reduced the number of children admitted with alcohol poisoning by 70 percent. However, the percentage rose again when the corona measures were released after May. Then, during the second lockdown (mid-October 2020 – end of December 2020), it declines again.

Nothing to do so nothing to drink

The reason behind the declines lies in the closure of the catering industry and sports clubs, better enforcement of age controls in supermarkets and many parents who work from home, which meant that there was more supervision.

More good news

According to pediatrician Nico van der Lely, the number of fourteen-year-olds who must report to the alcohol clinic is decreasing. That is beautiful. Unfortunately, this observation does not alter the total number of admitted young people. That does not decrease, only during the two lockdowns. The average age of a young person admitted with alcohol poisoning is now 15.7 years.

Source: nrc.nl.


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