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6 Oct 2022 / Topical / Background

You know it: alcohol makes you fat. Because alcoholic drinks - especially the mixed drinks - are full of sugar. And that goes on your hips, buttocks and stomach. But now that you take a break, you don't get all those unnecessary calories and sugars. Hurrah! Because many alternatives also contain sugar, we looked for non-alcoholic drinks without sugar.

Replacing your beer with cola and swapping your wine for fruit juice is a good idea if you don't want to drink alcohol anymore. But it's not the healthiest swap. Because many alternatives are still full of sugars and calories. Which alternatives can you drink with confidence? We would like to introduce them to you:

  • Spa red
  • Spa red Infused
  • Royal Club Ginger ale 0% sugar
  • Royal Club Tonic 0% sugar
  • Royal Club Bitter lemon 0% sugar
  • Coke Zero (also Cherry, Vanilla and Peach)
  • Fanta zero (also Exotic, Pomelo and Lemon)
  • Crystal Clear
  • Rivella, also available in Pineapple and Cranberry (10 kcal per glass of 200 ml)
  • 7Up free (also Lime and Cherry)
  • Kombucha from the brand Holy of Batu. Kombucha is a fermented drink based on green or black tea.
  • Teisseire 0% syrup, all flavors
  • Other syrups 0% such as Slimpie, Raak 0% or AH syrup 0%
  • Pickwick Nice and fresh (tea bags with fruity flavors for in cold water)
  • Seedlip gin (available in 3 flavors: Natural, Citrus and Herbal)

Natural: water

A replacement thirst quencher that we should certainly not forget is water. Water ensures that nutrients are transported to the cells and that waste products are removed. We also regulate our body temperature with the help of water and strengthen our immune system. Water is therefore very important for our body.

But we can imagine that you will find water alone a bit unimaginative. Fortunately, there are many water variations to be found, so that you can enjoy such a glass of 'municipal lager' even more. How about water with beets? Water with lavender? Water with grapefruit? For the complete recipes and perfect presentation, look at the water recipes from Brabant Water.

Sources: 365days.com, krnwtr.nl, issuu.com/brabantwater


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