Watch the best movies and documentaries at home

During your break period it is best to spoil yourself. Or no, it is precisely during the break period that you should spoil yourself. Going to the cinema is extra relaxing for many people. Sink into a large chair with a box of popcorn, soft drink, best friend, partner, mother, sister, cousin or neighbor next to you and enjoy. Reality check: a visit to the cinema is not possible for now. That sucks, but don't worry, there is also plenty of choice at home on the tube. Due to the coronavirus, many providers are thinking along with us.

  • Ziggo

A wide range of films and classics in all genres can be seen on Film1's four channels. In the On Demand menu under 'Providers' you will find a wide range of films at Film1 that you can watch temporarily at no extra cost.

Kids, cabaret and comedy

Ziggo customers have access to films and series for the little ones on the 7 kids channels. Ziggo TV (channel 13) also offers a varied program with extras for kids and cabaret at the weekend. Different genres of comedy are available on Comedy Central Extra.

Which channel can I watch?

The extra channels will be available for Ziggo customers with digital television from Monday afternoon 16 March. Don't have a digital television? Then you can use the free Ziggo GO app on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. This applies to all channels except Film1. For more information, go to

  • Picl

The very latest premiere films and documentaries from the movie theater and the must-sees of the past film year, directly at your home. Is that possible? Yes, of course. Via Picl you can watch all kinds of arthouse films and the best documentaries from the movie theater directly to your home. pay at the movie theater of your choice and get 48 hours access. 

About Picl

The Dutch Film Promotion Foundation was set up in 2015 by Anke van Diejen and Noortje van de Sande of Herrie Film & TV. With the aim of increasing the visibility and audience for (Dutch) documentary and artistic film, together with film theaters and independent distributors.

In this way films reach a larger part of their potential audience and art houses can offer an extra service to visitors. They never have to miss a movie again. Picl also helps to reach a younger audience: it is a legal online alternative to illegally downloading movies. For more information, go to

  • KPN

KPN also offers pay channel Film1 for free. Until now, the telecom company only passed on the four linear channels of Film1 to all customers with an Interactive TV subscription. However, that will change in the coming days. With the Interactive TV loan decoder, KPN customers will also have short-term access to watching back up to 7 days ago via the program guide.

Watch movies whenever you want

Film1 on Demand offers the possibility to watch – at the moment – just under three hundred films. A movie of your choice can be viewed at any time via the loaner decoder. For more information, go to

  • International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam

Another great initiative: because a cinema visit is now a no go film buffs can visit the website of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA). The organization offers about three hundred documentaries for free that can be viewed online at home. Several documentaries can be streamed from all over the world for both young and old. The films, all once screened at the Amsterdam film festival, vary in duration from fifteen minutes to over an hour and a half and longer. In addition to the three hundred free documentaries, the IDFA website also offers more than five hundred documentaries for a small fee. For more information, go to

Movies and series about viruses

Over the years, many 'virus scripts' have been cast in films and series. If you need it…

-The Andromeda Strain / 1971

About an alien virus

-Outbreak / 1995

About Ebola

-12 Monkeys / 1995

About going back in time and tackling a deadly virus

-Children of Men / 2006

About surviving a pandemic and building a new life in a dangerous world

-I Am Legend / 2007

About being the last healthy man on earth in virus time

-Contagion / 2011

About a dangerous virus from animals that ends up in Europe and America via air traffic

-The Rain / 2018 / Netflix

About a virus that spreads through the rain

-Pandemic: How to prevent an outbreak / 2020

About fighting a pandemic like corona

Not in the mood for virus films and series?

Frozen 2 can be seen two months ahead of schedule on the Disney Plus pay channel. A little Olaf calms everyone down.





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