Eyeopener: the effect of alcohol acutely and by the glass

Alcohol has a numbing effect on the brain. So one moment you are pleasantly cheerful and another moment your cheerfulness turns into overconfidence. Alcohol has an effect on your emotions, perception and perception. You can read here how acute this effect is and what the effects are per glass.

Having fun is different for everyone. One gets a bit tipsy after a few drinks and thinks it's enough, the other doesn't seem to get full and drinks until he can no longer stand on his legs. But whether you drink a lot or a little, the effects are noticeable anyway.

The effect of alcohol is noticeable on all brain functions: from a disturbance of motor skills to the failure of vital brain functions such as breathing. In small amounts, alcohol seems to loosen people up. This may be related to the effect of alcohol on the executive brain functions that regulate behavior, making you feel freer and less inhibited.

Effects per glass

The extent to which a person has to deal with the effects of drinking too much alcohol depends on the person and the amount of alcohol.

The effects per glass below are based on an experienced drinker. People who do not drink regularly and young people can expect a much stronger effect with much fewer glasses. In young people in particular, uninhibited behavior increases more, because the prefrontal cortex is not yet fully developed in them. However, they are less likely to suffer from disturbances in coordination and motor skills. Source: expertise centeralcohol.trimbos.nl

A glass refers to a standard glass (10g alcohol).

1-3 glasses (0 to 0.5 per mille): Relaxed – uninhibited

Speed up your pulse and breathing. You get a warm feeling. Taste, smell and vision deteriorate and you feel less pain. Your appetite increases and you need to urinate more often.

3-7 glasses (0.5 to 1.5 per mille): Tipsy

Mood and behavior are clearly changing. You overestimate yourself. Your memory, reaction speed and coordination decrease and judging situations is more difficult. You perceive less and less to the left and right of your facial axis (tunnel effect).

7-15 glasses (1.5 to 3 per mille): Sat – drunk

Amplify all of the aforementioned effects. Also, you start behaving overly emotionally and your self-criticism disappears. Your face turns red, swells and your pupils dilate. You may feel nauseous and vomit.

15-20 glasses (3 to 4 per mille): Laveless

Your senses are numb and you are confused and absent; what you hear and see barely gets through to you.

20-25+ glasses (4 per mille and higher): Knockout

Your breathing and pulse slow down so much that you can go into a coma and even die: your breathing stops or you go into cardiac arrest.

Source: alcoholinfo.nl

To the point or not?

You see: the more you drink, the further you poison your body. Watching your drinking behavior from a distance is therefore very useful. A pause period brings you insights, such as: 'I don't need a drink to have a good time' or 'I now enjoy the birds that I hear chirping in the morning'. And it gives your body a chance to reset. Anyone for tea?


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