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Could you use some energy? Have a cup of mate!

Maté is an infusion made from the young leaves of the Maté plant. The plant grows in South America, where Maté is often drunk. In Argentina it is even the national drink.

Maté contains caffeine and, like tea, various antioxidants. It is a real energy booster and therefore also popular with athletes. In addition, the infusion is said to purify and detoxify the blood and strengthen the immune system.

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Mate is very tasty both hot and cold.

Watch the video about the preparation of mate

  • 2 grams mate per 250 ml water
  • Pulling time 5 minutes

Recipe – Mate iced tea

Leave 1 scoop mate – Girl from Ipanema (about 2 grams) in about 125ml (half a glass) of boiling water for 8 minutes.

Then add ice cubes until the glass is full. (half tea/half ice cubes)

Complete this fresh energy booster with some blackcurrant. Poke a hole in the blueberry so that the flavor of the berries mixes with the iced tea.


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