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June 14, 2021 / Topical / Background

Podcasts are hot. Nice to listen to during that long walk, while you dig your garden or take care of your house. You listen to a podcast via a website or using a podcast app. You can read here which podcast apps are easy and user-friendly.

Pocket Casts

One of the most famous free podcast apps for iOS and Android is Pocket Casts. This app is very user-friendly and has a number of smart features. For example, with the help of this app you can adjust the playback speed and automatically cut silences from show. Ideal for listeners who like quick listening.

Tip: Check the filter tab of this podcast app. Here you can see which podcast you still need to listen to and what the new releases are. You can also create your own filter.


Like other podcast apps, Overcast has special features such as suggestions based on your listening habits, amplifying voices and filtering out silences. What you won't find with all podcast apps, but with Overcast, is the ability to record and share (parts of) audio clips.

Tip: This app is only available on iOS.


Are you a true podcast fan and connoisseur in the meantime? Then Castro might be the podcast app for you. This handy app introduces you to bundles of shows, to make it easier to get acquainted with new podcasts. Do you like to listen to the best podcasts in the late hours? This app includes a free available night mode for the evening hours.

Tip: Already have a podcast app but want to switch to Castro? Castro offers a handy intro screen that lets you transfer all your episodes at the touch of a button Castro is free to download for iOS.

Podcast Addic

Podcast Addict, the name says it all, is an app for podcast lovers who already have a lot of listening hours behind them. The app is quite comprehensive. For example, you can create your own playlists and also add local files, RSS feeds and YouTube and Twitch channels to your library in the app. And that's exactly what sets Podcast Addict apart from other podcast apps.

Tip: Podcast Addict is free to download and use, but does have an in-app purchase of 4.29 euros with which you buy off advertisements and give a donation to the developer. Download Podcast Addict for Android (Free).


Spotify is known to many as the music app. However, you can also listen to podcasts with it. The app has its own tab for podcasts, so that your music library remains nice and clear.

Tip: Spotify has less extensive functions compared to the apps discussed above, but it is a very accessible app for discovering podcasts. Download Spotify for iOS (free) or Android (free).





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