The break is coming to an end: what happens after IkPas?

The end of your break period is getting closer. Now you enjoy full support every day, because 10,000 others fit with you. But what do you do after April 5? Toast to the happy ending with a cold glass of beer or another thirst quencher? Are you going to cut down, stop or take a break more often?

IkPas 2020 is popular in the Netherlands. More than 50,000 people have participated in Dry January or are currently still working on the challenge of living 40 days alcohol-free. “But”, says IkPas campaign manager Martijn Planken, “for everyone who signs up, three or four don't”. So count out your winnings to 'participants'.


Much has been written in recent weeks about the benefits of an alcohol break. For example, the liver, heart, brain and pancreas benefit from an alcohol-free month. You also sleep more deeply, you feel fitter (physically and mentally), you have more money and time left and you get a more beautiful skin, for example. Not to mention the good example you give to your (grand) children, your cholesterol level improves and the pounds less. In short: your dry trip will bring you a lot.

Drinking behavior after IkPas

Studies conducted among IkPas participants from previous years and conducted by IkPas researcher and alcohol researcher Rob Bovens, show that you drink 30 to 40 percent fewer glasses of alcohol up to six months after your break period. That makes a big difference!

Continue after a mistake

Denying yourself something that you normally enjoy is hard. And sometimes you can hardly resist the urge. And you may even have been drinking alcohol during one of your most difficult moments. Earlier the article told 'What if you did drink' al, that your break period hasn't flopped. You pick yourself up and you continue with a break celebrating!

An alcohol break does make sense

Whether or not you have smuggled once during your IkPas period; an alcohol break does stimulate the development of your new good habits. Martijn: “If you have had positive experiences this month, for example if you went out sober, then it is easier to do it again afterwards.” Every positive experience gives you strength and more insight into your own drinking behaviour.

Fit when it suits you

If you have gotten hold of the (dry) taste; then take an extra break. Don't drink a drop in June (and go fit into the summer). September is a great month to fit (after the summer holidays) or drink no alcohol for 30 days in October (because the holiday season is approaching). Passing is always possible! Our After-Me-Pass-Page can help you with that.

Do you have the After-Me-Pass-Page already checked?

In 4 steps you can start planning the rest of the year better.

1.    Inventory of your personal experiences with IkPas

2.    Take note of the guideline formulated by the Health Council on the use of alcohol

3.    Making a plan for the coming months

4.    Choosing a resource






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