You drank alcohol during the break period: what now?

At some point during your dry trip, you may have a setback – you've had a drink and now don't know what to do. The most important thing is to find out why you drank the drink. And then? Learn from that moment and continue your break period with fresh courage and a soft drink in hand ;)

Just to be able to reassure you right away: making a mistake once seems worse than it is. Of course it's a shame and yes, we understand that you are somewhat disappointed in yourself. But it's not a disaster. Don't think that all is lost and that the entire intermission period is a flop. Check for yourself why you couldn't resist the temptation and make a new agreement with yourself that you will go for it (again). Perhaps the next reminders help you continue your break period.

Increasing the chance of success

To make your break period a successful break, it is important to prepare yourself for difficult moments. Are you fitting, but your partner isn't? Make sure you get a nice non-alcoholic drink that you like to drink. Try to get enough sleep, eat healthy and exercise enough so that you feel mentally and physically strong. Focus on positive things (the spring sun, that walk, your cup of ginger tea, that nice reading book or that good series), so that anxious feelings (with a view to corona) do not get the upper hand.

Resist the temptation at home

You can't drink alcohol if you don't have it at home. If you don't buy it, you won't be tempted.

Pressed the reset button too many times?

If you started your break on February 26, but find that you pressed the 'reset' button on February 28, February 29, 3, 4, 7, 12, 17, and 21 (after this drink start really on my dry trip), you have to find out what's going on. There will always be circumstances, events, problems and parties that we would like to experience with a drink in our hands, nothing wrong with that. But what about your goals? Why didn't you want to drink alcohol for 40 days? If you keep pushing the reset button, you'll never get there. Check whether your motivation is strong enough; if not, maybe you're not quite ready? Realize that this does not immediately make you the biggest failure hare of the century. You can always leave the alcohol for a few weeks. Also just in April. And the same goes for June. Is October better for you? Fine. Go for it!

You've been drinking and you don't mind

Another scenario is that you've been drinking, but you don't feel guilty about it. That's fine too. You have consciously made the choice to have a glass or something to drink and you have enjoyed that. Creating awareness about alcohol use is why IkPas was created. This 40-day no-drip campaign may lead to important insights. What role should alcohol play in your life?

Good luck!




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