The art of living sober

September 29, 2021 / Topical / Background

During your Dry January and/or 40 days of not a drop of adventure this year, you met psychosynthetic, coach, trainer and experiential expert Petra Moes. In three Zoom sessions she took hundreds of participants into her story. And now there is her book: The art of sober living. Below you can read more about what it contains and how you can order it.

Full, pure and real life
In 2003 Petra discovered that alcohol added nothing, absolutely nothing, to her life. She was used to drinking a bottle of wine every day, but declared 2003 the year of The Great Experiment: 365 days without alcohol. And none of her assumptions about it – without wine life is dull, unsociable and bare – turned out to be true. On the contrary, without alcohol her life became full, pure and real.

Our motivations
This experience made Petra curious about human motivations. She obtained her bachelor's degree in psychosynthesis and followed consciousness training. She shared her knowledge and experience with others who noticed that alcohol no longer worked for them. She became a coach and developed a training course that has since been followed by hundreds of people.

no tricks

The art of sober living is the reflection of the insights and knowledge that Petra has developed over the years, with stories from experience, theory, interviews and her own vision. It is a book that you can use yourself, but with a different approach route than usual. In Petra's own words: 'The art of living sober doesn't teach you tricks to stop drinking and keep it up. What is it about? See and understand where alcohol keeps you away from. And how you can live a grand and compelling life precisely by not drinking. That is an art and I can teach you that art.'

To have?

Have you become curious? 'The art of sober living has been available since September 8. You can order the book at, or just buy it at your local bookstore. With this post you will find a preview copy, which gives you an impression of how The art of living sober puts together. Recommended!

Here you will find a preview copy.

TITLE                          The art of living sober

AUTHOR                    Petra Moes

PUBLISHER              Heart Rocking Time Publisher

PERFORMANCE            hardcover, 200 pages, with folded A3 poster

PRICE                       €27,50

ISBN                             9789083178400



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