The influence of alcohol advertising on children

19 May 2022 / Topical / Background

Dutch Alcohol Policy Alliance (AAN) and the Zeeland Youth and Alcohol Campaign 'Don't let them get drunk!' together they made a film about the influence of alcohol advertisements on children. The aim of the film is to raise awareness of the influence of alcohol advertising among parents, health educators and policy makers.

In the film, the Princess Beatrix School students from group 8 tell in their own way whether they see alcohol advertising, where they see it and what they think about it. TikTok, Instagram, (cinema) films, YouTube and carnival songs: these are all examples of channels and ways through which children come into contact with alcohol advertisements. The conclusion of the children themselves is that they see that everything is being done to make alcohol attractive.

Research results

Research shows that the more often children see alcohol advertisements, the more likely they are to start drinking alcohol before the age of 18. Alcohol advertisements therefore influence the future drinking behavior of young people. That is why it is important as a parent(s) to discuss the subject of alcohol. By telling children about the effects and risks of alcohol at an early age, they become less sensitive to the effects of alcohol advertising.

The film about the effect of alcohol advertisements on children that AAN (Alliance Alcohol Policy Netherlands) and The Zeeland Youth and Alcohol Campaign 'Don't let them drink!' made together, look at you here.

Alcohol ads are funded by the alcohol industry. The alcohol industry focuses on a young audience, because starting to drink alcohol as young as possible is good for the business.

Consequences of alcohol advertising

As mentioned, the alcohol industry likes to target young people in advertising. Teens still. Because by seeing alcohol advertisements young people start drinking sooner, and young people who are already drinking start drinking more. Not to mention, young people are the drinkers of the future. That cozy advertisement in which a group of friends toasts to the weekend or where two friends catch up over a drink touches a sensitive nerve among young people. Drinking alcohol creates connection, alcohol stands for pleasure.

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