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10 January 2023 / Topical / Background

One participates in Dry January because of a bet, the other really wants to start a healthier lifestyle or set a good example for his adolescent. In 'That's why I participate', various participants explain why they are participating and what they want to achieve with their participation in IkPas. This time Alex and Juul talk about what drives them.

Alex (39)

“I mainly participate because of the little voice in the back of my head that has been shouting louder in recent years: 'Alex, time to take action and tackle your bad habits'. I come from a Burgundian family. With us, conviviality and being together are inextricably linked to good food, quenched with the necessary alcoholic drinks. I myself am a great lover of whisky, so I regularly had a drink on the table. I also ended the working day with a beer or two or three as standard. Although I've been able to ignore my inner voice for years, I've noticed that my habits have been bothering me more and more lately. Perhaps the fact that I am turning 40 this year plays a role in this. When I look in the mirror, I see the consequences of eating and drinking just that little bit more clearly than I would like. That's why I used Dry January to give myself a push in the right direction. My family and friends were stunned when I agreed to participate. But fortunately they are very supportive, although I am curious how that will be after January. Because while I don't plan to give up my whiskey completely, 'moderate' will be my new motto this year.”

Julie (44)

“The time of evenings out drenched in alcohol is already many years behind me. Motherhood further reduced alcohol consumption. I always thought we were setting a good example for our children by drinking in moderation. We have never deliberately kept alcohol out of sight, but we have always lived up to clear limits. Such as not drinking alcohol if you still have to drive and sticking to one or two drinks. Still, I notice a great interest in drinking alcohol from my eldest daughter of fifteen. She is now entering the phase of parties at friends' houses and clearly associates drinking alcohol with socializing. My husband and I try to keep the conversation open about drinking alcohol, but keeping her from this until the age of eighteen now seems to be quite a challenge. That's why I'm participating in IkPas. I want to show my oldest daughter - and her younger sister and brother - that drinking alcohol is not necessary when it comes to socializing. And fair is fair; sometimes I have to grit my teeth for that. Because even as a moderate drinker, I now notice how deeply ingrained the idea is that an evening with friends includes a glass of wine.”


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