Alternatives from IkPas participants


Heineken alcohol-free (has the least sugar of the beers I've tasted) mix with cold strong ginger tea (fresh, without additives). Fifty fifty. Wonderfully fresh and spicy.


Back from a walk in the rain or cold, it's great to make a pick-me-up drink and then enjoy it on the couch. I don't drink a glass of red wine right now. But I also enjoy this alternative, very simple and very simple: (dissolved) cappuccino with an equal part of hot chocolate. Delicious. It is also possible with mocha. A really nice pick-me-up that will keep you warm again.

Another one of my coffee favorites: Dirty Chai. That's Chai latte with an espresso through it. Really very tasty too!


Recently I had a mocktail evening with girlfriends. We have made the following mocktails: Lots of ice cubes with a layer of syrup (grenadine) at the bottom, to which you add ginger beer with 0% sugar from Royal Club (you get a nice overflow of color) and fresh lemon juice to your own taste and a wedge/slice lemon.

Virgin Amaretto Sour

-Ammaretti 66ml


-Pinch of salt

-Juice of half a lemon

- Shake first without ice so that the protein can foam well, then shake with ice so that the

good is cold 🙂

Virgin Martini Pornstar

– 45ml passion fruit juice

– 30 ml vanilla syrup

- Protein

– Juice of half a lime (or 5ml if you also add real passion fruit)

– Real passion fruit as a counterpart to all the sweet 🙂 Shake again without ice, then

with ice. Et voilà. Cheers!


I tried Nona June, the first Belgian non-alcoholic distillate that is seen as a viable alternative to the classic gin. I love gin and tonic, which made me want to try this one in my Dry January, and it's fantastic! That's why I'd like to share this one so my fellow Dry January fellows can enjoy it too. I followed this Nona drinks recipe.


Bax Botanic Sea Buckthorn is very tasty with Spa Red.


I have a recipe for a delicious fresh drink that will make you happy. In a nice glass you pour 1/3 a bottle of red Crodino and soda with fruit in it. Fruit from the freezer is also possible, then your drink is immediately cold.


I discovered a nice drink by accident. It's called Orange Spritz 0% from Teisseire (available at Albert Heijn). I mix it with Tonic and drink it ice cold. Also 0% sugar. A truly festive drink!


Here's my alternative recipe:

  1. A cup of nice and warm Knorr Drinking broth, flavors chicken, tomato and garden herbs. Very easy to prepare; so also for singles, also for the elderly. Hot water from the kettle, plus a 5 pack stick sachet (Other brands of drinking stock often contain too much salt).
  1. A nice warm cup of Aniseed Milk. Also very easy to prepare. Heat a cup of (organic, semi-skimmed) milk in the microwave (800 w, 1 min. 30 sec.) and add a bar bag of aniseed and stir.

Both alternatives have a strong taste – and can therefore easily replace the taste of alcohol.


Now I have found good alternatives for festive moments at Royal Club. I really like the cans with the special flavors Ginger Ale Lemongrass and Tonic with a hint of grapefruit. Royal Club also gives nice recipes for mocktails, which don't have to be sweet. Delicious!



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