Alcoholgebruik bevordert zin in roken

Striking image of the evening: in one hand you hold your glass and in the other hand your cigarette. The next day you can't help but remember yourself with two hands full. Why is it that when you drink alcohol, your desire to smoke only increases?

The fact that as a (occasional) smoker you smoke away one cigarette after another when alcohol is involved, can be explained as follows: a connection has been made in the brain between one stimulant and another stimulant. If you drink a drink, the need to smoke is immediately triggered. When you combine these two often enough, these resources are linked together in your memory. When you drink, your brain triggers memories (oh yes, then and then and then and then) and before you know it, you're drinking and smoking one. Source:

Alcohol and smoking break

Because drinking and smoking are so linked, it is a very good idea to also take a smoking break during your alcohol break. Because it is easy to leave a habit (besides not drinking alcohol, also no more smoking) than to learn a new habit (smoking without alcohol). In addiction care, quitting smoking when someone wants to stop with alcohol (or another substance) has been advised for some time. Previously, this was seen as too stressful: the anxiety of quitting smoking would have a negative influence on the drug habit. It has since been shown that quitting tobacco even lowers the relapse rate after treatment.

Tips to quit smoking

You have already read many tips with us that could help you stop drinking alcohol. Quitting a (bad) habit in general is difficult and that also applies to smoking. Below are a few tips:

- Determine which moments are especially difficult for you. Did you always smoke after dinner? Replace this reward with another: for example, taking a walk through the neighborhood.

- Stop radically: reducing smoking does not work.

-Save the money you save and treat yourself to something nice after a month off for example.

- Quitting together is often easier than alone. Find a stop buddy.

-Literally take action. Move! Bike, swim, run or walk. With every step, stroke or stride you literally and figuratively become stronger.



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