Walking with the most beautiful podcast series

January 15, 2021 / Topical / Background

From research among IkPas participants, we know that there is a good chance that you are more active during your break period. To change your mind, because your mindset is more geared to being healthy or simply: because you have more energy! Do you walk outside more often every day or are you more active in some other way? These five podcasts make your daily exercise even more fun!

The podcast has become an integral part of the media offer. That is because listening can easily be combined with an activity such as walking, running or, for example, a household chore. And cleaning your bathroom or cleaning out your garage is a lot easier to do with a podcast as a distraction. Funny, moving or interesting, these five podcast series will make you move your senses and walk an extra round.

The flip side

What does losing mean in a world where only winners count? In De Keerzijde, Joram Bolle and Nina van Hattum interview top athletes who, after years of hard work and intensive training on the moment supreme lost. What does that do to you? How do you pick up the thread again and does a loss also yield something? The series follows six former top athletes, including tennis star Brenda Schultz, speed skater Stefan Groothuis and cyclist Kenny van Hummel.

You can listen to it via the NRC audio app or via NRC.nl.


Be surprised by this witty podcast musical, written and directed by Pepijn Lanen (The Youth of Today). An acclaimed podcast series for its funny language, convincing roles and great songs. Meet office clerk Brinta (Georgina Verbaan) who loathes her office life. Fortunately, there is colleague Liya (Zoë Sabajo) to fantasize about. Brinta prefers to conquer Liya's heart with a cup of coffee from the Japanese coffee machine in the cafeteria. But then the machine seems to have disappeared and Brinta does everything to find it again.

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In this successful English-language podcast series, Canadian radio producer Jonathan Goldstein takes both small and big problems on his shoulders. As a kind of therapeutic mediator, he delves into the life histories of family, friends and strangers, to go back with them to the moments and people that changed things. Whether the problem is solved or not: his disarming approach, refreshing insights and humor make you fascinated by every episode.

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The Plantation of our ancestors

What do you do when you hear that your ancestors played a role in the Dutch slavery past? In this eight-part podcast series, Maartje Duin discovers that her great-great-grandmother was co-owner of the Surinamese sugar plantation Tout Lui Faut when slavery was abolished in 1863. Maartje digs further into her family history and makes contact with descendants of the enslaved: the nieces Jessica and Peggy Bouva. She travels with Peggy to Suriname to reconstruct the story of the plantation.

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Dolly Parton's America

A series that is high on the favorites list of many podcast connoisseurs is that of presenter Jad Abumrad about Dolly Parton. When Jad gets the opportunity to interview Dolly, he thinks of a podcast of one or two episodes. However, Dolly fascinates him so much that there are nine. The blonde, busty American sweetheart is now 73, but still fast-paced and widely loved. In addition to a beautiful portrait of la Parton herself, the series paints a vivid picture of the America that she adores so much.

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