Evening-filling tips from participants

It is clear that IkPas participants do not necessarily sit on the couch and watch TV when a free evening is scheduled. Be inspired by these tips.

-Thea bridge online. She does this through StepBridge† If she doesn't play bridge one night, she watches a movie or reads a book.

-Mark and his wife keep themselves busy with puzzles, yoga, making music, ordering food and eating with a family member. They enjoy the time they spend together.

-Saint loves Netflix, so our tips came in handy.

-Elsbeth walks for an hour every evening and of course makes sure that she is inside before 21.00. In addition, she benefits greatly from the online spirituality course she is following.

-Yvonne is bursting with good evening tips. read them here.

-Hans and his partner are camping.

-Hetty crafts while you watch television.

-Paula runs away for many hours and takes a Spanish course.

-Linda puts puzzles together. Of at least 1000 pieces.

Thank you very much for your nice messages and good tips.



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