The best podcasts

Put on your walking shoes or grab the mop. Then open your ears and enjoy! The podcast has become an integral part of the media landscape. We found a nice top 5 that gives you hours of listening pleasure.

  1. Fire in the mansion

You own about 700 hectares of land, 500 paintings and a fortune of 160 million. For most a dream, for landowner Ewald Marggraff the reality. But then the eccentric Brabander dies on December 7, 2003 in a fire in his country house in Vught. After his death, no trace of the paintings or the money can be found. When new stories are still emerging at the end of 2018, fifteen years after the fire, podcast maker and actor Simon Heijmans decides to undertake a search. What is fact and what is fiction?

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  1. offenders

What possesses someone to take another's life? How have you changed after 18 years in prison? And what was it like to have been the head of a drug mafia? Cas de Jong (EenVandaag) speaks in the series Offenders with notorious murderers, ex-TBS'ers and other criminals. Who is the person behind these perpetrators?

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  1. Really happened

At Echt Gebeurd people tell beautiful, special or funny stories on a small stage about something they have experienced themselves. Some stories take you from one surprise to the next. The best are the stories that are taken from life. From a woman who had to flee Iran to a boy who, against his will, ended up high on the list of a political party. Every month someone also reads from his or her adolescent diary.

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  1. Books FM

Have you already watched Netflix completely? Then you might be ready for some nice books. Do you find it difficult to choose the right one? Then this podcast is just right. In the podcast Boeken FM, critic Joost de Vries, poet and critic Ellen Deckwitz and bookseller Bob Kappen discuss books that are worth reading. They take turns working on a book and making their own judgements. But not before you've heard their unvarnished opinions and reading passages.

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  1. 30 Minutes Raw

Did Marco Kroon really headbutt that cop? Is Glennis Grace a good singer, but a 'difficult bitch'? And is RUMAG one of the best stealers or not? These and many more tough questions are discussed in the podcast of 'Rauw' by radio presenter Ruud de Wild. He speaks with the very well-known Netherlands about issues that hardly anyone dares to stir. He also made the impressive series 'Mourning' in which he speaks with famous people who have lost someone to cancer.

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