Treat yourself extra with pampering water

Ingredients for 1 carafe.

  • Vervenne/mint 2 sprigs
  • Cucumber 3 slats
  • Raspberries 8 pieces
  • Lychees 3 pieces
  • 1 liter tap water


• Wash the Vervenne or mint, pluck the leaves from 1 twig and keep the bare twig.
• Roll the loose leaves together into a bundle, gently crush with the back of a knife and then pierce the stem of the bare twig. 
•Wash the cucumber and remove 3 nice long slats from the cucumber with a vegetable peeler or cheese slicer.
•Peel the lychees, carefully cut round to the pit so that you have 2 halves of pulp, only use the pulp. 
•Wash the raspberries.
•Fill the carafe with the cucumber slats, lychee pulp, rolled vervenne or mint, raspberries and finally the sprig of mint. 

• Add some ice cubes and fill the carafe with cold tap water

Tip: Vervenne is not always available, but very tasty. Mint is also fine, but gives a slightly less freshness than vervenne. Fresh raspberries can sometimes be pricey. There are also loose frozen raspberries for sale, both in supermarkets and wholesalers.

A delicious recipe from Brabant Water.



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