Cooking without alcohol

A boeuf bourguignon deserves a nice full-bodied red wine, risotto cannot do without white wine and nothing tastes better than steak marinated in beer. During IkPas cooking with alcohol is 'out of the question' because, despite the heating, alcohol residues remain behind. And now?

This does not have to mean that you cannot eat the above dishes and others in which you are used to processing alcohol. There are good substitutes. Depending on the dish, you can replace red wine with:

  • Beef broth,
  • red grape juice,
  • cranberry juice,
  • pomegranate juice

replace white wine with:

  • chicken bouillon,
  • vegetable stock,
  • Apple juice
  • white grape juice,
  • tea

replace beer with:

  • Beef broth,
  • Apple juice

Drinks with a higher alcohol percentage are often used for desserts. You can also easily replace these:

  • sherry through orange juice;
  • kirsch by cherry syrup;
  • rum through pineapple juice.

Of course, the dish will not taste quite as you are used to. So don't judge it compared to the original, just taste it to see if you like it. That's what it's all about in the end.





Tips from IkPas participants

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