Straight from the pen: Katja

I received 70 blogs and vlogs. Beautiful stories from ordinary people like you and me who took on the challenge. And who gave our readers a glimpse into their (emotional) lives. I thought I should also expose my buttocks.

As a fresh team member (I started this alcohol adventure in November 2019), I actually knew very little about alcohol. I knew it was unhealthy and that I couldn't handle it well, but that was it. What ignorance I think afterwards. With three children rapidly approaching puberty, I should be better prepared as a parent.

So this job came just in time. Where I used to think: if 'they' start drinking, then they'd better go home. Or if 'they' are at a party unsupervised, well then I can't help it, I am now firm and clear. There is nothing to drink. Not even just one glass because it's New Year's Eve, not because the 'r' is in the month and not because your father does it too. Just no. Have I suddenly become an alcohol hater? New. A parent who draws the line. A very clear one. And that feels good. We all know where we stand now (well, my kids don't know yet, but they'll find out).

I actually learned a lot. Namely that the alcohol industry seduces and misleads us in front of us. That we think we have a choice, but that their marketing is so strong that we give in anyway. That alcohol should not be in sight at all (at home I just hid the stock), that drinking should not be done in the presence of children (we're fine, now grandma and grandpa…) and that the urge for a glass can be replaced with another reward (I have quite a lot of shoes now). And that is just a small selection from a large container of new knowledge.

Although I myself have little difficulty with eliminating alcohol from my life, I am aware that this is about breaking a pattern or dealing with a bad habit. And I am also familiar with patterns and bad habits, just like everyone else. For example, my colleagues have come to know me as someone who always drinks two cups of tea at the same time (you would get thirsty), prefers not to be in the sunlight (I am the only one who likes a small and dark house instead of a spacious and bright one house) and who does not like flowers. Yes, in the garden and such a wild-flower field in France is beautiful, but not on my table. I received a bunch for my birthday and it ended up in her living room at colleague Sanne's home. So…

Well, I digress. Respect to those who have wanted to break their patterns. To drink or not to drink: you wanted to face your behavior. You went for it, you learned, sighed, longed, counted down or not at all. It doesn't matter how your dry trip went; hope you get what you need out of it.

#trostop all of you





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