The story behind the fun drinker

A glass because it's almost the weekend, a drink because you are so nice together, an alcoholic snack because it's a bit of a party, a pint because ... the social drinker needs little reason to defend drinking a glass of alcohol. After all, it is often pleasant. Wim and Karin are sociable animals. And they still are this January, but without that glass of alcohol.

Wim (66)

“I am retired and my wife and I often play a game at the end of the day. It had become a bit of a habit that we drank a glass with it. We sometimes said to each other: 'There is a 5 in the clock, so it's allowed'. Secretly I drank about 3 glasses and sometimes a little more in a day. I often fell asleep in front of the television at night.

This is the third time I participate in IkPas and the weird thing is that when I take a break, I don't talk about alcohol. So I can do without it. But when the break is over, I still fall back into my old drinking habit. This time I'm extending my break with the following challenge. I am also participating in the 40 day no drop challenge. I have the idea that not drinking will last better.

What I notice now is that I have much more energy. I no longer fall asleep on the couch at night and get more done. For me, it's all about the mindset. Why does it have to be alcohol if you want to drink something? You have it, I have it, don't need it to have a good time. And I hope there are a lot of people who, like me, want to participate in the 40 days not a drop challenge.”

Karin (57)

“No spirits and mixed drinks for me; I like wine and bubbles. I like them and they are part of fun activities. My wine consumption started a few years ago when I started a diet. This diet required all kinds of boring foods, as well as a glass of red wine at the end of the day. While I was on the diet, I was looking forward to that red wine around 6 pm more and more. And that glass got a little fuller every day. After six weeks I stopped the diet. But the daily wine remained. And I didn't even like red wine.

In addition, I have a circle of family and friends who also enjoy a glass of wine. And it soon becomes cozy with us. So cheese, nuts, chips and of course a good glass of wine with it was the rule rather than the exception. I drank between two and six glasses per cozy moment. And never had any problems in the morning.

Two years ago I participated in the 40 days no drop challenge. But my good intentions foundered after only four days. I went for lunch with a friend and before we knew it, we ordered a bottle. Still, the seed was planted that I didn't want to continue like this. Sometimes the next day I couldn't quite remember exactly what I had said and in what tone. I found that an unpleasant thought.

In those two years my intrinsic motivation to participate has grown. I don't want to drink that much anymore. I want to know what I'm saying and what I'm doing. This is my first time participating in Dry January. A very conscious choice. And that's why things are going well now. After January 30 I will see further. I don't think I'll be a teetotaler, but I definitely don't want to be a habit drinker anymore.”

Tip from Karin

-You really have to want it, otherwise you won't last an alcohol break.



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