The story behind the heavy drinker

Camille and Klaus. They don't know each other, but they do have something in common. Both are among the heavy drinkers. Those glasses of alcohol crept in before they started Dry January and then never left. But this month there is nothing to drink and preferably not so much after that.

Camille (37)

“I have stopped drinking alcohol a number of times before, because I wanted to get a better grip on my alcohol consumption. And every time I fell back into my old drinking pattern. And that pattern was not frugal. From 4 pm I was drinking wine. And every day that bottle emptied. For me, drinking alcohol is inextricably linked with relaxation. But it has not always had that function. I have had terrible pelvic pain for ten years. I even ended up in a wheelchair for this. To take the edge off it, I drank a few wines in the evening. No muscle pain, no cramping for a while. It was almost like a drug for me.

I started to worry about my alcohol consumption when I discovered that I wasn't keeping my own agreements. Then I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't drink that day. But I did. At some point I thought enough was enough and started reading. My quit attempts have brought me a lot, even though I often started drinking again. I know I don't want to be a heavy drinker. So I bite into this break period. And it's going really well so far. I don't even dare to think about the 40 days challenge. But I'm taking it step by step. Finish Dry January first.

Now that I no longer drink a bottle of wine every day, I know that my body has time to recover. I think that's a very nice thought. I'm not quite sure what place alcohol will play in my life yet, but I'm sure I don't want to go back to how it once was.”

Klaus (64)

“I am a truck driver and I travel alone a lot. In addition, I have been divorced a few times and my children are adults. Before corona made its appearance and the cafe around the corner was still there, I went to a favorite pub after a long working day and drank a few beers with a few comrades. That number could rise to 10. And that 5 to 6 times a week. The cafe closed its doors two years ago. We were looking for a new place to chat and have a drink, so we came together. You should know, I live in the countryside so there aren't many places to go.

Then corona threw a spanner in the works. It is no longer possible to meet up with each other. But that's really good for me. I don't like to drink at home. I enjoy doing it together. Well, I drink right away. As I do everything with full conviction. You might not immediately be looking for me when you read my drinking history, but I'm also a strong athlete. I walk for hours and walked to Santiago de Compostela two years ago.

I have been a heart patient for about ten years now. And six months ago I got a pacemaker. I know perfectly well, like any drinker, that alcohol is not good for you. I've been taking a break of my own for several years now. But I also notice that it is every time more difficult to maintain my new healthier lifestyle. This is my first time IkPas and it's going well. This also has to do with corona. You can't get together, so I don't drink either. My intention is not to drink during the week. My cardiologist also thinks that is a good idea.”

Tips from Camille and Klaas

-Pour your non-alcoholic drink in a wine glass.

- Brush your teeth when you feel like drinking alcohol or something sweet that you don't want to substitute.

Are your thoughts on alcohol? Go do something. Brushing for example.

- Fancy a glass? Move! Walk outside walk yourself tired, jump on your bike. Do something.


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