The story behind the moderate drinker

The moderate drinker

IkPas participants are not necessarily heavy drinkers. Maybe once, but certainly not anymore. And that suits both Arno and Juju very well.

Arno (58)

“My alcohol history is not rosy. I have been a very heavy drinker. Before 2019 I couldn't live without booze. I was going through a difficult period and that was noticeable in my alcohol consumption. I remember that in 2018, while listening to the Top 2000, I heard the IkPas commercials on NPO Radio 2. It touched me so much that I spontaneously decided to register.

I liked my first Dry January so much that I also didn't do a drop challenge for the 40 days. And also during the bridging period between these two challenges, I did not drink alcohol. I pushed my limits every time and that's how I drank three alcoholic drinks in all of 2019.

In 2020 corona reared its head and I slowly fell into my old drinking pattern. I wasn't happy about that. Dry January came just in time. In any case, I want to be completely dry this first quarter. I don't know yet if I'll leave the alcohol alone all year, but that might just be the case. I know that I am sensitive to alcohol, but luckily I also have a lot of confidence in myself.”

Tips from Arno and Juju

-A lot of sports. Think of the walking app: 'Detour'.

- Stand in front of the mirror, look at yourself and make a clear appointment with yourself.

-Talk about it. Go beyond the shame. You don't want to drink (for now). Because it ran out of steam. Or whatever reason you have. You will see that this also inspires others to think about their own alcohol use.

juju (55)

“In the past I was a purser for an airline. It was common then to go for a drink at the destination. Had a good flight again, so cheers! I always drank a glass. Never too much, but I did think I had to have a drink. Other than that, I hardly drank, only when I was with others. Because that's how it was supposed to be. At least that's what I thought.

Now that I'm participating in IkPas, it's my first time, I've had a great eye-opener. I don't have to drink. Not even a little. Not because it's expected of me. Not because it's fun and not because I seem boring otherwise. Just no. I can do without. I don't even need it.

I started this break because I don't think alcohol is part of my life anymore. I quit smoking about seven years ago. For the same reason. It no longer suited me. And I don't think alcohol is part of my lifestyle. I am very sporty and exercise every day. In addition, I don't get any more fun from drinking. I want to avoid having to go to the liquor store as an old berry for my necessary wines. That's a nightmare for me.

Since I stopped I feel better both physically and mentally. I sleep better, feel proud. The 40 days of no drop is the next step. I'm considering cutting alcohol out of my life altogether. I like it very much. And I know myself, if I like or enjoy something, I stick with it.”


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