A challenge and a battle: double fun

Maud Haselhorst (20) had never heard of IkPas until she did an internship at Iriszorg in Nijmegen. She liked Stoptober, so she was up for this challenge. Student Maud about wines, awareness and the power of a team.

This motivated pedagogy student from Nijmegen gained experience for the first time in breaking a pattern during Stoptober. “I really liked Stoptober and I still don't smoke at the moment. When I heard about IkPas through my internship supervisor at Iriszorg, I was immediately enthusiastic," says Maud. She registered, but for the IkPas Battle. “Yes, because that battle brought an extra incentive to take up the challenge. I like competitions and especially winning”, laughs Maud. And the people of Nijmegen have won twice. With 2077 participants from the city of Gelderland against 869 people from Brabant.

Alone is just alone

When asked whether Maud would have liked to register individually with IkPas, she answered firmly: “No, I wouldn't do that. And neither do my friends. We especially enjoy participating in a challenge like this as a team. It's just more fun together and you stay motivated longer.” Fortunately, you can also register as a team at Ikpas. Even if you are not participating in the IkPas Battle. Incidentally, Maud likes to see the cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam battle each other. “And I would like to see the student cities of Utrecht and 's-Hertogenbosch join the battle,” adds Maud. Do you hear that Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and 's-Hertogenbosch?

Is this drink really necessary?

When the break is over, Maud hopes to be more aware of her alcohol use. “I want to think better about: with whom I drink, what I drink, when I drink and how much I drink. In the student house where I live, there are usually a few bottles of wine in the fridge. I drank for IkPas at least twice a week on a weekday evening. In addition, I often drank some wine or beers with my friends at the weekend. So alcohol is really part of my student life. After January I hope to drink more consciously and less.”




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