Temptations everywhere

I haven't had any alcohol since Christmas. Still, I sometimes start to miss my glass of wine. No idea why. Last year I felt better, but then there was corona. So you were inside a lot. Now the weather is nice and the temptation to grab a terrace with a nice glass of wine is much greater of course. But I'll keep it up for a while yet.
There are also plenty of other tasty drinks. There is a wide choice of juices. And the beautiful weather invites you to go for a walk. Reading a good book also helps. I saw that a lot of books have been published about quitting alcohol. I think I'll look into that. But to completely stop drinking alcohol, I don't know that… Every now and then a glass is worth it. If only it's just once in a while...
I notice they say you sleep better without alcohol. But I notice, now that I have not drink for a while, that this does not apply to me. It takes a long time for me to fall asleep. I often lie awake for a long time. If I drank 2 wines, I fell asleep pretty quickly. That sometimes makes it hard not to. Then there is my weight. I don't lose weight anymore. But I don't let that discourage me. It'll be fine.
Next week will be a challenge. We have a birthday and we have been married for 35 years. That's why we go to a hotel for 3 days where we go out for dinner. There is also a drink of course. A juice, something non-alcoholic or…
I'll tell you next week how that went.


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