At the weekend, go to the supermarket for some groceries.
I walk past the wine in the store. Pffff...the offer is huge! Red, white, French, German, Spanish…too many to mention. I also see my favorite wine. No, don't. Then it strikes me that there are also a lot of non-alcoholic wines. I never knew that. Pretty crazy actually, you don't drink but to pretend you drink non-alcoholic wine.
I think it's the same with beer. Even if you drink alcohol-free beer, it looks like you're drinking beer. People walk past me in the supermarket aisle. I look in their shopping cart. Sooooo, 2 crates of beer sooooo, he must be having a party because I also see a number of bottles of wine. Now I secretly have to laugh at myself. Years ago we had help for our son at home. The woman escorting us came in and I had just gone grocery shopping. There were 6 bottles of wine on the counter. "Party?" she asked. 'No', I said, 'I always like to have some in stock.'
Now quickly to the cooling of the juices. The choice is huge. There are even juices with spinach and strawberry. I opt for a banana/orange combination. Tasty and healthy. For fun, I pour it into a wine glass.
And then this. If you don't drink, you're going to have to endure some resistance. Those who drink think it's strange that you don't drink anymore. Even though they know very well that alcohol is unhealthy and that you are much fitter if you do not drink.
Live and let live, I always say. If I stop drinking, temporarily or completely, that shouldn't be a problem either, right?
It doesn't make me any less fun and to each his own.


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