It's been a weird week. Yes, because corona has arrived here too. Until now we have always been able to stay in control by eating healthy, exercising a lot (walking) and ventilating a lot, but now anyway...

I had a nice day out with friends. We had a nice bite to eat together, when I come home my husband with corona is very sick in bed. My son is downstairs with a beer. Normally I also grab a glass of wine after an outing. Just relax and reminisce about the day, but not now of course. I saw that we still have juices in the house, so I drank a nice juice.

On the couch I look at a picture of my mother who has been gone for a while. When my father passed away, she often came to stay with us because she lived far away (100 km from us). And then we always had a great time. Not that she drank much, because she had a passion for a healthy lifestyle. No smoking, little meat and she watched her weight. But she enjoyed a glass of wine with us in the evening.

And what was so nice about those nights, we played music by Benny Neyman, went to bed late and we always made a lot of plans. dBy the way, the next day those plans were far off. 

I am almost certain that if she were still there now, she would have participated in IkPas.
But enough weeping…

How am I now? It's actually going well, although I do miss a nice glass of wine at times. Especially after a meeting. If I just want to let things sink in. Now I do that with a juice.

In the meantime I also have corona. My son too, by the way. Yes, that is almost inevitable if your husband and father are also ill. Although he has since recovered quite a bit.

One advantage: I really don't feel like wine right now.



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