No alcohol but dessert

Last week I told you about all the festivities I had ahead of me. Oh, that birthday was not that bad. I often did not drink alcohol. But with the long weekend away, because of our 35th wedding anniversary, it was something different. The weather was beautiful last week, so it was extra fun. The first evening we took a terrace. Yes, there came the waiter. What can I pour red or white wine? We look at each other: “Well, just have a juice.” When we got back to the hotel, my husband said: “It's pretty crazy on a terrace. Everyone is drinking wine or beer and we drink a juice.” “Well”, I said “we were just the BOB. We were driving, so we couldn't drink anything." It's also pretty crazy that you get a wine list pushed under your nose everywhere. Like everyone drinks! Well, actually it is.
The next day we went shopping and walking. We also reminisced about how it all started 35 years ago. Normally we would toast our wedding day with a good bottle of wine. Of course we didn't now. We did have a good meal and we didn't drink a glass of alcohol anywhere. So we did that really well. Until dessert. We ate a scoop of ice cream. lawyer ice cream. And yes, I hadn't thought about that for a while...
All in all we enjoyed it. But I admit: a nice glass of wine is part of weekends away. But there are also advantages to such a sober mini-vacation. Because you don't drink, you don't hang around longer than necessary and you don't suffer from the alcohol the next day. We slept well, spent the days well and came home rested. Did we miss the alcohol? Not really, but that ice cream was nice…


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