Happy (a) new year

It had been clear to me for a while that I would participate in Dry January again in January. I had already registered when the question for bloggers and vloggers from IkPas came up on Facebook. Because, as can be read in my introduction (see below), it failed miserably last year, I knew immediately! This is my big stick, I give up! And tadaaa, here it is; my first blog.

In fact, immediately after my registration I already had the idea to drink no wine, or at least less wine. But yes, the first excuse came up pretty quickly. Christmas. Cozy!! Good food, nice people, nice wine. It is also very common, of course, to serve a drink during holidays. Boxing day it was even hit during lunch. Okay, it was only 2, but still. It's also soooo easy; “Tess, would you like a glass of wine? Yes Nice!!" And it's done. To be honest, I honestly think it's a very nice drink. Red, rosé or white, I like all colours, although a Chardonnay with a cube of ice is really my favorite.
The moment I put the glass to my mouth, I immediately think of it; 'Oh yes, I wouldn't drink again and then take the sip anyway, finish the glass and take a second one. Oooh, and then I forgot to mention that I had bought a Christmas present for everyone present… yes, a bottle of wine with a bow around it. Well, that's how simple it is.
And just like that, the new year has begun! After a wonderful New Year's Eve with nice people and with (here we go again) wine, January has started. A new year, of which I don't drink alcohol for the first month and in which I hope to be a little more sporty and healthier. I like to walk and I think I have done that a little too little lately. Not that I didn't do anything, but I would like to walk more often. I find that I am simply too lazy at night. TV on, book open, dressing up, my two cats next to me, mobile within reach and a cup of tea or a glass of wine in my hand. heeeeerlijk!! I can actually walk quite a bit on a night like this. A breath of fresh air. After all, I work indoors all day. Not that I don't get my steps, I average 12,000 a day, but sniffing the evening air is not a bad idea.

So good intentions and I'll start with that right away. I drag myself and my drowsy head out of bed, take 3 steps, switch on the coffee maker and climb back into bed. Yes, you read that right, I actually have a coffee maker next to my bed. After 2 minutes I climb out of bed again to crawl back into bed in a few steps, but now with coffee. Boot problems. Not unknown to me after a nice evening drinking wine. After 1 hour and 3 coffees later I am finally standing next to my bed and a few hours later, in which I watch TV and nothing else comes out of my hands, I put on my clothes. I remember my appointment with myself. I'm going for a walk! Point. I take sandwiches, put water in my backpack and throw my camera around my neck. I drive to a beautiful nature reserve and take a walk in a watery but lovely sun. I take more pictures, spot birds and most of all I enjoy the fresh air. When I drive back I yawn my jaw wider than wide and have tears in my eyes, how tired I am!! But I'm so glad I went, because I had never experienced all the beautiful things I've seen from my couch…

Tessa in brief

This is me. Tessa, 47, happy single, hiking enthusiast, Texel fan, interior consultant at a large furniture boulevard in Wolvega and fond of dry white wine (preferably with an ice cube). And even though my body is increasingly protesting against alcohol, I still regularly grab that glass of wine. Especially after a busy day at work, when I'm tired or when I'm looking for fun, I know where to find my wine. I regularly agree with myself not to drink or to drink less. Sometimes this is more successful than other times. Two years ago I participated in Dry January for the first time. A very successful break. Still, sometime in March, during a wedding, I went for the ax again. I stood again with a white wine in my hand. Last year I tried again not to drink alcohol for a month. This time I failed miserably. Corona, more need for fun, a relationship that has just ended and many other excuses.

I notice as I get older, that my body can handle the alcohol less and less. So, after a call from IkPas on Facebook, I accept the challenge. I do this for myself, for my body, for a better night's sleep… By blogging once a week and sharing my experiences with everyone, I hope it will be just as successful as it was 2 years ago. Because that feeling of fitness, those few lost kilos and the feeling of rest is a great desire of my aging and somewhat sick body (fibromylagia).


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