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Less than an hour and a half drive from Wolvega, I feel I am abroad. The rolling landscape immediately puts a smile on my face and I haven't even taken a step outside the car! I'm out for a few days, this time not on Texel but in Twente. It is Sunday morning and it is still early. There are few other road users, so I move well below the speed limit like a snail through the beautiful landscape. Wow, how beautiful it is here! When I arrive at the parking lot of the Springendal, the first destination of the day, I am really looking forward to it. The sun shines bright and warm through my car window, but when I open my car door, I am very happy that I threw a thick winter coat in my car this morning, last minute. With the collar up and my camera around my neck, I start my walk. I am immediately greeted by a nuthatch that 'runs' like a spear over the tree trunk. I immediately understand why they call the animal nuthatch. What a cutie!! This is already off to a good start and then my walk has yet to begin. I walk along water and through forests, over decking and hills. I eat my lunch on a bench in the middle of nowhere and forget the time.

As I continue walking, I suddenly come face to face with a fiercely attractive man. He looks at me wildly, chewing unabashedly on a blade of grass. He's at a safe distance, but he's still quite…um…. impressive! When I look at him again, he sticks his tongue out at me. Well say!! I grab my camera and start shooting. I want proof! What a wing! It doesn't affect him at all. He takes another bite of his lunch and chews calmly. While he looks straight into my lens one more time, I know for sure, this man is not coming with me to my hotel room… Still I'm very happy that I got to see this handsome (okay, he is very hairy) in his somewhat hidden eyes look. Mighty beautiful beast, such a Scottish Highlander.

I walk back to my car and drive to my hotel in minutes. The hotel is located directly at the old city center of Ootmarsum. I have a nice single room with a neat shower and a good bed. An extra plus, it is spotlessly clean. I tidy up my things and go into Ootmarsum. I find nice streets, beautiful shops and cozy terraces. After a short walk, I buy a new set of clothes in a very nice boutique (I just thought that was very necessary, sossss) When I go to bed at night, I am also tired.

After a short night (noisy such a hotel) I still get up reasonably refreshed. I grab a much-needed cup of coffee and caulk myself. My goodness, my bags are getting bigger every year! Sigh….. Before nine o'clock (with a delicious breakfast in my stomach) I'm in the car to Slingraven. A beautifully open estate, where a fantastic walk awaits me. I walk along the river Dinkel, see beautiful monumental buildings, eat a croquette sandwich in Denekamp and enjoy the soothing and beautiful nature. Yesterday I had to warm up in a winter coat, today I'm wearing my t-shirt and let the sun give my skin the first touch. 20 wonderful kilometers richer I roll into bed a few hours later. Tomorrow is another day like this…

I sleep like an ox this night and after another nice breakfast, I check out and go for a walk in Ootmarsum. Then I leave for 't Lutterzand, another beautiful area. I start my walk without a route and see where I end up. Well with my Strava app on, so I know where I am. I roll from one surprise to the next. How beautiful it is here! I walk along the Dinkel again and the river is really impressive. The banks of the river are, on the side where I walk, steep. Nice walk like this! I am delighted and spot a black woodpecker, a deer and a lot of lemon butterflies. But also a fat buzzard, a small tick and a robin that lovingly sings to me. After a short trip to Germany, where I also spot a Ufersnepfe (godwit), but unfortunately I can't get a picture (too far away), I walk through the woods back into the Netherlands. Have I been abroad for a while 😉 Time to go to my car. My sandwiches are gone, as is the one and a half liters of water I brought with me. Plus, I feel like an ice cold beer… That's why I end my walk on a sunny terrace with a lovely 0.0', while the sun puts a second layer of color over my skin. Guys this is enjoying; walking in my shirt and that in March. I feel terribly spoiled this weekend. Not only because of nature and the beautiful landscape of Twente, but especially because of the lady who kept me company these 3 days. The sun


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