From vacation to vacation

March 30, 2022 / Topical / Blog Tessa

Reminiscing about my too short trip to beautiful Twente, I sit in the sun in my backyard. Relax for a while. So I'm not doing anything and that…….I can't. Doing nothing is not for me. I'm always doing something. Cleaning up the house at home, while walking I often take pictures, being busy in the garden is hard but fun, reading is relaxing and I like to fold the laundry in front of the TV. I just like to be busy. But now I sit in the sun and struggle to do nothing. Sigh…..I think about what I still want/need to do. The sun hangs over me like a warm veil, so I just lie there! Point! But after a few minutes I can't resist, I grab my phone. The scrolling can begin. First the newspaper, which obviously doesn't make me happy at all. It's all awful there in Ukraine. I really don't bury my head in the sand, but I close the paper anyway. Not today. I switch to Buienradar and see that the weather will remain nice for a few more days. Delicious. I'm already working on what I'm going to do in the garden on Sunday. I am happy about this. Not that the long-term forecast is good, but for my Sunday off, the forecast is great!! Because I want to sit in the lovely sun for a while, I open Instagram. I swipe my finger from bottom to top on my phone and like a message here and there with a nice photo. I get a WhatsApp message that I answer and then open my Facebook. I also scroll and like through the overview of messages. Just when I want to put my phone down, a message comes along with all kinds of beautiful photos from a holiday stay in Belgium and a general invitation for all Facebook readers to come and stay. I was immediately triggered. I have had the person who posted it on my Facebook for years, but I had no idea that I could book a stay with her. After some texting back and forth, I booked my holiday. Bizarre, I just got back and can already look forward to my next vacation. And it's already 6 weeks away!! I have been going on holiday in May or June and/or September or October for years. So again this year. The summer holidays are often too busy and too expensive for me anyway. Of course I also have a choice, I no longer have small children and am therefore not dependent on school holidays. A very big plus if you like peace and quiet. I just want a good bed in a beautiful location, from which I can take lovely walks. This time I found it at our southern neighbors. I have wanted to walk in the hills of Limburg for a long time and that is now going to happen. Backpack with provisions on my back, camera around my neck, hiking shoes and go!! The views are phenomenal and I can't wait to see them all.

without inspiration. I am now. I have to wring the words out of my fingers. I have no idea what I want to say. I haven't really done and experienced that many things worth mentioning in the past week. Not bad at all, but what do I have to say after all these weeks of blogging? My readers know me a bit by now and the things I like to write about have all been mentioned before. Would it be an idea for my last blog (yup, next week is the last week that I can blog for IkPas) to ask you to inspire me? You can ask me something and I will answer some questions honestly. To get to know me even better, you could take a look at my Insta page @tessaandewandel and follow me. In the last few weeks I have received many compliments about my writing, some people even asked me if I would not like to do this more often, for a longer period of time. In the beginning I thought that was really cool, but to be honest, I think that's too much of a good thing. I notice that I get stuck and that the obligation to write every week, while you can be without inspiration like me now, weighs a little heavier every week. I couldn't even sleep last night. So ……. next week I'm going to write a blog full of love, but after that it's done. Until next week!


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