The big why

Day 8 or week 1….

Luckily I don't have any pre-vocational secondary education ;-), because it's not as easy for me as I thought beforehand.

Perhaps it is just like having a child, the suffering is quickly forgotten and this is also the case with me. Have I lost my mind the other times in the first week.... By less easy I mean I have a hard time when I get home from work or rather every day between 5 pm and 7 pm.

A few days ago I was angry, irritated. Why should I do this, I wondered. Why can't I have an alcoholic drink like a friend of mine only on the weekend? After this week I already feel fitter, have more stamina and sleep like a ROSE. Losing weight, no, not an issue at all. Nor did it last time. But I personally think that's by-catch.

As far as I'm concerned, the big gain is in sleeping and thinking about the 'why'. As I wrote before, I started with a beer in the bar. The Christian Youth Soos where we were welcome on Friday evening. Then a shack was visited in a village further away. I was a bit older then, because I had had my moped for a while. Once in rooms, and I'm talking about the mid-seventies, there were a couple of cafes where everyone came and one of them became my favorite bar. There I drank quite a few beers, among others together with a few young construction workers from the United Kingdom. They had been sitting in the cafe for a while and I would meet them around ten o'clock because they continued straight from work. The difference with home was that here the cafe closed at 01:00 instead of 21:00 or 22:00. Through trial and error (literally and figuratively) I am now at the point where I know very well when to stop. Quite a few years have passed here.

During that period I stopped several times for a year or a number of years. To be honest, I must confess that I started drinking more when I stopped smoking. Now I generally stick to 2 glasses of white wine. The 'the five is in the clock' is increasingly the six and after dinner there is always tea.

Because the book 'Ontwijnen' by Jacqueline van Lieshout appealed to me so much last year; I downloaded the ebook '25 tips for an alcohol-free life'. Maybe it will help me get even closer to the answer to my question: why? Of course I already have some ideas about this and maybe I'll share them here in one of my blogs.

Good luck next week!


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