Those beautiful glasses just stand there

A look at my beautiful wine glasses…..

Today is the seventeenth day, the seventeenth day already!

What strikes me most is the wonderful sleep.

With the occasional memory of a strange dream.

After the first week the 'old man in me' keeps quiet.

That means I can deal well with my appetite between five and seven.

I actually don't do much different than before January 1, I noticed.

No extra things to relax/de-stress.

Only it takes me a little longer to complete the rituals when I get home from work…

Don't really feel the need to prepare or drink mocktails either.

Occasionally a 0.0 beer, but then a really tasty one and tea and water taste better than ever. So far so good.


Went to a lecture/debate in Amsterdam last night.

It was about an essay written by Paul Verhaeghe (professor of psychology at the University of Ghent), who was there himself.

Title of the essay: On normality and other abnormalities.

What it came down to, among other things, is that care, and in particular mental health care, is controlled by the economy.

And that it is time for people who cannot participate in today's rat race (in their own way) to be seen by the others again.

I think that's a nice thought. Because aren't we treading water with many?

Expensive houses, hectic jobs, children (who also have to go everywhere) lots of friends and

lots of parties as a result? And: exercising, eating healthy, keeping track of what's happening in the world?

Couldn't that be one of the reasons why many people reach for the bottle at the end of another grueling day?


The Talking Heads wrote a beautiful song about this, at least 30 years ago: Once in a Lifetime.

The big question might be that people (from their beautiful car, house, etc.) might wonder how the hell they got there.


Saturday a party with dancing.

I hope for lots of fun, danceable music. In my case this means soul and funk.

Monday dinner with my colleagues. Deliciously Asian so bring on the tea!

Every now and then I catch myself thinking: as good as I feel now, I want to keep feeling.

Then to think, oh why did I keep this friend next to me for so long.



Leave glasses in the cupboard for the time being and extend the fitting to the beginning of April?

Who knows……


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