Say man, shut up

January 3, 2020

The first two days of my now fourth IkPas period are over.

On New Year's Eve I had a few more glasses of my favorite white wine and a few glasses of rosé champagne.

Now on the couch with a carafe of water in front of me, I think about the tea I'm about to drink.

Because I'm not talking about the stock of 0.0 beer just yet.

In my experience it is better to ignore the so-called replacements for a while.

The less I am triggered the better.

I am looking forward to this period, but now I also feel a bit restless, uncomfortable.

'The old man who lives in me and who prefers to sit in the pub drinking and smoking all day long' stirs.

It annoys me, but I also know that at some point the old man will ignore me and I him.


A beautiful, healthy 2020 and a fantastic Dry January to everyone!


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