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You know that feeling when you really dread something and that it turns out to be not that bad in the end? I've been experiencing that feeling for the past two weeks. Just last week I wrote that I was really dreading starting the 40 days alcohol-free, now I'm even thinking about going for 100 days. Ok, that might be a little too enthusiastic, but it definitely crossed my mind a few times already. We have been on the road for over 2 weeks now and I notice a clear difference. I have much more energy and I notice that the circles under my eyes are less dark. I also experience less stress at work and I can feel a lot more about myself. Will it really be all about cutting out alcohol? Or does it also help that we have just been on holiday, in any case it is striking. I notice that I have a bit more need for sugar and therefore not much has changed in terms of weight. The first pound is gone! That is still very disappointing to me and I just hope that my body needs a period of adjustment and that I can close the period at least 2 kilos lighter.

The alcohol-free substitutes also remain at home a little. I notice that more and more we just have a cup of tea and that we don't really need a replacement. I really thought beforehand that I would often have the need for a glass of wine, I feel like I had more trouble with that in my previous fitting periods. Maybe it's because I was really ready now.

This period makes me aware of a number of things, especially how often you are actually confronted with alcohol. This afternoon I had a meeting which ended with a drink (whereby the 0.0 was also neatly present) and as a farewell present we received a bottle of beer (not 0.0). Afterwards I went to eat somewhere with a friend, after ordering my non-alcoholic drink the waiter asked if I would like to have a glass of wine. Before I knew it I was telling a whole story about my fitting period while of course I could have just said thank you without further explanation. Incidentally, I am not too impressed with the extent to which it is accepted, I actually only receive positive reactions. Sometimes people are surprised about the period, after all, it's already January, right? Apparently that has become a habit and people still have to get used to the fact that you can take a break at any time.

Saturday evening there is a party on the agenda - which may make it a bit more difficult -, and I'm looking forward to some challenge! And let's hope the coronavirus doesn't throw a spanner in the works.


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