Flexible continuation

Strangely enough, no one has asked me in the past two weeks if I don't want a beer or wine.
And I thought it would be quite noticeable if I didn't drink anything this month!? Not so.
A weekend with my friends resulted in hilarious scenes, but not a drop of alcohol was drunk here either. By no one anyway. I have absolutely no problem with it if I were the only one who would drink a glass of wine at such a moment. Just as I have no problem with being the only one not to drink. In that respect I am flexible and I just do what I feel like.
Only this month is a bit different, because now I have simply imposed on myself that I am not allowed to drink.

And I'm fine. I have never known moments that were extremely difficult, that put my perseverance to the test or where I craved a glass of wine or gin and tonic.
On the one hand this doesn't surprise me, on the other hand it does. I do have good discipline. If I commit myself to something, I go for it. No excuses.
But these times, when you are only allowed so little, when you have to find your own entertainment, I sometimes find it 'more fun' and 'more bearable' to add a shot of alcohol to the whole.
But I have not yet faced this dilemma either.

This weekend my children are with their father and I have the house to myself. Then there will certainly be times when I regret not being able to fill a glass of wine, but have to have a cup of tea. Because when you've been able to do your own thing all day and then plop on the couch in the evening, I usually love to enjoy a drink (or two) in peace.
So I'm guessing that this weekend my perseverance will be put to the test for the first time and I'll have to swallow to turn on that kettle instead of taking the bottle of wine from the fridge.

That bottle of wine is just there. Just like the gin and the beer. I'm not the only one in the house who drinks and just because I want to do this, doesn't mean that someone else should cooperate. So I give others the space to drink their drinks if they want them.

Come to think of it…no one has done that yet! So I can proudly say that the whole house has been sober for two weeks
On to the next two weeks!


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