happy egg

I'm also an impulsive box sometimes, aren't I!
When I started IkPas and I had agreed to write a weekly blog about my findings from this challenge, I didn't think much about it.

But when I thought about it again a day later, I suddenly realized that I had arranged a wine tasting at my house in January, with my friends! I'm really an egg, aren't I!
So now I am a hostess for a wine tasting and I am not allowed to drink a drop…

When I told my girlfriend she started laughing heartily. “Really something for you again, Mel! But don't worry, we'll taste it"
I can already predict that the rest of my friends will laugh at me heartily and will enjoy their wines even more. You will read next week how I will struggle through this.

The past week has been fairly quiet. After the message came that there would be a little more relaxation in the Netherlands (let's not start a discussion about this), I immediately got the jitters. We can go back into the stores, luckily we no longer have to pick up everything in the stores via orders and appointments. Because what a misery that is, isn't it!? In our south, they had even thrown EVERYTHING open for one day, in protest. So I got on my bike in the morning and went into town. Went in and out of stores, walked through the crowds, smiling and saying hello to everyone who walked by. I was really a happy egg. I also went to the cinema, because I had missed that so much. That whole day I was intensely happy, simply because I could just go about my business. The only thing I didn't do was grab a terrace. I could have had a cup of coffee, of course, or a cup of tea. But I felt so blissful that I would have taken a gin and tonic or a glass of wine to celebrate. So I was smart enough to skip that step.

Unfortunately I still had that feeling when I got home and it stayed with me all evening. That is a bit annoying, wanting a glass of wine, but not 'allowed' to drink it. It also made me a little restless. To suppress this feeling, I deliberately went to bed early. Very rock and roll to be in bed on Saturday evening at half past nine huh

But I'm someone who finishes what she starts and one tough evening or wine tasting won't stop me. And it really isn't wrong or wrong to have a drink every once in a while. There's nothing wrong with that. As long as you are aware of every drink you drink. Maybe you can ask yourself why you are actually having a drink at that moment? This way you can also determine what kind of drinker you are. Occasional drinker, regular drinker, impulsive drinker, spontaneous drinker….plenty of options. I'm going to think about this myself, because I actually have no idea what kind of drinker I am...



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