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There he was. The wine tasting in my Dry January. Who does such a thing, huh?
Of course I had prepared everything for the guests: tasty snacks and water for between the wines. The wine glasses were also ready for the wine connoisseur and the evening could begin.
The first wine that went around made me chuckle. What an asshole I am!

We learned how to sniff the wine, how to add oxygen and then sniff it again. How to let the wine pass through your mouth and how to let oxygen get in here again, so that you can get even more flavor out of it. I couldn't try the latter, but I did smell all the wines!! 😀 Some made my mouth water and a friend of mine said that I could put it through my mouth and spit it out afterwards. Again I had to chuckle. Nope, I'm not going to because if that wine is good then I really swallow it so that's a no go! It was nice to see how the ladies reacted to the different wines and I kept myself neatly on the water. It was a pleasant, informative and fun evening. We'll do it again in the summer. It sometimes took some effort, because I really wanted to taste a few wines, but I survived it just fine.

And then what happens? Then the government decides that everything can open again and we can go out for dinner and walk into the pub again. Grmmbbllll…. For this once, it really could have been a week later. All kidding aside: I'm overjoyed that everything is open again and I really long for dinner and a pub day, but if I do that this month it will really be a 0% alcohol outing.

To be honest, this time it is a lot harder for me to get through the month without alcohol. I am much more involved with it, I often feel like a drink and I had no problems with that at all in the past. Now it seems like I'm counting down the days until February 1st… kind of sad when I think about it.
Physically I don't notice it much yet. I eat healthy, exercise four times a week and don't drink soda. Sleeping has never been my forte and so far I haven't noticed much change in that.

Stress is always and everywhere. If it is not from my work, then in the home atmosphere. Like it never ends, you know. So I don't know if it makes much difference to me physically. I even get more restless sometimes, because I can't/shouldn't drink a drink. And that's probably because it's a stressful time right now. It is not good that you want to flatten that by drinking alcohol, I am well aware of that. So in that respect, now is the most perfect time for me to do this sober month. That awareness may be something I need right now. Another thing to think about. Oh well, who knows what the last week will give me more insights. I'm open to everything


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