Straight from the pen: Marjolein

When I decided not to drink for the time being on January 2, I didn't immediately feel the need to share this with those around me. Such resolutions are often laughed at and to be honest I don't have a very good track record when it comes to sticking to them.

So I went to work in silence. I didn't even tell my husband about my plans. A simple 'no' was enough when I was offered a glass of wine. After a week or two, it dawned on me that I might take my plans seriously.

Slowly more people start to notice that I am changing my behaviour. And now that I've proven to myself that I really can do it, I dare to be more open about it. I still felt a bit of a fear of failing in not drinking.

I have little missionary urge. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether and how much they drink. But secretly I hope to be an inspiration for a number of people. Because when I do have conversations about my alcohol-free life, it turns out that many people struggle with the same thing. Many feel the social pressure above all, the expectation of others that they will drink that glass of wine. They do not feel comfortable if they drink (too) much and think it is easy to miss. But the fear of being found unsociable if they stand dry for an evening dominates.

And that cosiness is also exactly where it pinches me a bit. A glass of wine makes a moment that little bit more special for me. This makes it easier for my husband and I to sit and talk for a while after dinner if we have a drink. And a free Saturday evening invariably includes a bottle of wine and tasty snacks.

My husband really supports me in my perseverance, but he feels little need to follow my example. Although I don't have the idea that I would give up because he does drink, I do have an alcohol-free beer or cocktail when he drinks his drink. Everything to create that pleasant moment. And so the feeling remains that alcohol is part of having fun, even though I'm in for bacon and beans. I wonder if I'll ever grow out of this.

This weekend I have a game night with a number of ladies, where the wine always flows freely. Of course I will keep it dry this evening, but my big question in advance is again: will it be cozy are…



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