Straight from the pen: Marjolein

Against all advice, our household has certainly not been drained since January 2. The lager is next to the specialty beer in the fridge, the selection of wines is still generous. Even the stock of spirits is ample. And against all odds, I don't feel tempted by this at all. In fact, I feel a slight antipathy to anyone who still thinks they need it.

But so it could happen that I made a grandiose slip last week. The can that I mistook for a 0.0 variant turned out not to be that at all! From the first sip I noticed that something wasn't right. My response was to check the best before date because I thought 'this one is not good'. What turned out not to be good was the presence of alcohol. Of course I left the drink for what it was.

I say of course because those are the IkPas rules. But for me personally it is not so obvious. I'm kind of all-or-nothing thinking. And a slip like that would be the perfect excuse to hang up on my resolutions. To see confirmation that I can't do it after all. And above all, to continue as usual.

But slowly I see a certain change in my thinking pattern. The fact that I am now 'dry' for 77 days gives me confidence. I'm proud that I've managed to do it for once and I'm looking forward to at least completing the 100 days. The ambition is also growing to put more intentions into practice. Such as eating healthier or raising more consistently.

What has suddenly changed? Why do I succeed now where I failed for years? I probably had to experience what it brings me first. Because I feel healthier, prouder and more energetic without alcohol, I don't even want it anymore. I'm not saying I'll never drink another glass of wine, but I do know I don't need it. I am now stronger than alcohol.


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