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Schiphol, early in the morning and I'm looking for a good cup of coffee. I see fellow travelers in a breakfast lounge drinking wine and whiskey. Perhaps the drink relieves their fear of flying?

I have sometimes felt anxious at the airport, because of the crowds, the many directions you can go, the somewhat unpredictability of the itinerary, etc.

The clammy sweat breaks out, breathing looks to be harder. The sounds echo, the light is too bright. Where is the emergency exit!?

Not a trace of panic to be seen (until I have to pay for my non-alcoholic breakfast, but that is of a different order).

I have a large cup of coffee, a bowl of yogurt with granola and a banana. My daughter eats a cheese sandwich and drinks ice tea. At the checkout I think, "I'll call the bank and have my mortgage increased" because I pay no less than € 23.45.

Non-alcoholic beers are relatively expensive. Despite the fact that no excise duty is levied on it.

Alternative drinks like Kombucha aren't cheap either. You pay the equivalent of € 5.73 per litre. A bottle of red wine, Merlot, is available from € 3.99 per litre. (Based on prices at a large supermarket.)

While one sloppy wine is double poison, it contains alcohol and is made with the use of pesticides.

More expensive is healthier?

Recently I saw this interesting documentary on research into large-scale wine production. A kind of chicken, but in the wine variant.

Anyway, this keeps me from getting one sloppy wine to go drink.

Then save for Kombucha 😉

It's nice to work towards a goal, such as spend the grocery money differently.

That also means making choices. Personally, I like the feeling of making healthy choices. And to look straight in front of me in the direction of the cash register, because then the shelves with chocolate, candy and cake follow. The supermarket has deliberately set it up that way; you have made healthy choices and now you can have a cookie.

Stimulated temptations. My seducer is still coming – I'll keep it exciting for a while.

Happy to see you next blog!


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