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“Well, I'd rather exercise for an extra day than to leave my wine behind!” said my niece during a pleasant evening chatting.

She is indeed very sporty with her family, running and in the gym.

Much has been written about sports & alcohol, including in the newsletters of I pass.

I'm not an athlete, but I walk a lot and then think it's a shame to have to have a glass of wine broken down by my liver first. It then feels like mopping with the tap open.

We are in the last days of the challenge 40 days no sip!

It's almost Easter. Important days for me as a Christian. The non-drinking, fasting now also makes sense from a religious point of view. But I don't experience it as an agony!

I notice that I have not only become fitter and slimmer, my concentration has also improved.

Last week I went to the cinema with a friend avatar 2 to watch. That movie is three hours. There was no break in between. I didn't fall asleep and from a catering point of view it was a cheap evening. I don't like popcorn and I just finished my dinner.

We both drank one cappuccino before the movie.

The film is beautiful and moving – a lot of snorting and sniffling around us.

And pop of beer bottles. Because alcohol is also available in the cinema.

This last week of this challenge is a special one in private. Not only is my partner abroad, where he works, my daughter also left early on Monday morning.

With school, of course, but I find it exciting that she is also abroad, without her parents.

Luckily I have another dog at home. And outside of my working hours I have planned fun activities.

Non-alcoholic activities or activities where I have a good reason not to drink; because I still have to drive (dinner), because I'm in a thermal bath (I don't find alcohol and sauna a pleasant combination) etc. You don't have to be 'the bob', because you can drink alcohol up to a maximum of 0.5 promille have your blood which is equivalent to 'about 2 glasses'. I think this is a bit special.

Then it is better not to drink the first glass. After all, that first glass can also fall wrong.

I've gotten to the point where I don't want to drink. Not wanting is more powerful than not being allowed to.

Then it comes down to personal motives for not wanting to drink.

Not because I have to but because I can!

For how long?

I do not know yet. Easter is coming and so is celebrating and being together with family and friends.

I have already disconnected alcohol from guaranteeing fun, because that is a farce.

Does it still taste good to me? That's an important question.

I wish you a happy Easter in advance!


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