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March 8, 2023 / Topical / Blog Mariska

“Why are you participating Dry January, you barely drink!” I hear my brother-in-law say. He is then visiting to encourage my 14-year-old daughter, because she is recovering from a serious knee injury.

I am Mariska, 40 years old and a moderate drinker. Which translates into one or two glasses of red wine a day.

Because I'm on medication and I'm a few pounds overweight, I believe that one glass of wine can also have an effect. I've been participating for several years now Dry January without significant success.

This year I decide to do it differently: not only do I extend with Short Dry and now 40 days no drop, I also adjust my diet. I eat between 12pm and 8pm.

In that time span I am so busy that I stick to the three meals breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This year for the first time I'm losing kilos - and I don't want them back!

I have also become fitter. I notice that from my condition and from getting out of bed more smoothly, either before the alarm goes off or when the wake goes off.

Now I 'have to' too, because I have a dog that wants to go out. And they expect me at work too.

My partner works abroad and stays there most of the time. I want to be a good example for my daughter, now that I'm the main responsible person at home. Even when I was with him last week, I didn't drink alcohol. I wasn't sure about that beforehand! I discovered matcha tea in a restaurant there. A somewhat spicy and warm, non-alcoholic drink that tastes great before dinner. I now focus more on the taste of food than with a glass of wine.

Actually quite crazy, because in all kinds of advertisements and TV programs such as Gort across the border the combination of eating and drinking alcohol is a given. How that is, who knows may say.

I also enjoy life now. It seemed boring to me at first, without alcohol. I enjoy the antics my daughter gets up to, okay not that injury, the chats I have with other dog owners, of winter when there's snow and the dog goes romping in it.

I relax with a nice series on Netflix. Or in a warm bath after a hard day's work.

But alcohol is so socially accepted, it is visible and available everywhere.

How do I steadfastly say no, because not a drop is not a drop. Even for a moderate drinker.

Quitting is not that difficult, you make that decision at a certain moment.

And then… persevere? Until when and why?

My greatest seducer is yet to come…

Will you fit with me? Happy to see you next blog!



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