So far so good

So far, so good! We are now halfway through January, my 'Dry January'.

I must confess, the past weekends have been difficult for me. Difficult in the form of, I was very bored and then the desire for a glass of wine is very great.
Last weekend I was in quarantine and my son was with his father. Believe me, even though I was alone, I was craving a nice specialty beer…
My house hasn't been so clean and tidy in ages, small delayed chores done, so I didn't get bored like that. But then in the evening, you sit alone on the couch, no outing or visit from anyone.

My new outlet and also the next challenge to quit is snacking. I don't buy anything myself, but there is always something to find! As long as the jaws keep moving, I sometimes think to myself haha. However, that is not entirely the intention.

But hey, I survived! The above sounds more dramatic than it was. And on to the positive side of my 'Dry January'.

The other (positive) side that I now experience is that I sleep wonderfully. Honestly, a baby is nothing. This was different a week ago, when I tried everything to be able to sleep again. I also wake up rested, clear and calm.

Over the past few weeks I have checked why I experience this period as 'boring', what makes it difficult for me sometimes? Point 1 is that I hardly see anyone. Especially on weekends, my friends opt for a drink elsewhere, then a cup of tea with me. As I write this, I have to laugh out loud, because yes, I totally agree with them! Everyone supports me and thinks it's 'nice', but they don't do it themselves haha. My own sister said, 'Yeah, you don't have to come now, you're so boring'. Not boring in doings, but she also doesn't like to drink a glass of wine.

My best friend, who also participates, is again my biggest support. Although we know each other's weaknesses and therefore do not meet in the evening, we can also motivate each other to persevere. Just that little bit of support. Looking forward to the next opportunity to drink a glass of wine with a cheese board. I see it as a small reward for my effort and endurance.

So for now continue with no alcohol, stop snacking and find a hobby for difficult moments?

In short, we are not there yet, but we have come a long way.


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