positive forward

Last stretch, new and bigger steps, better nights and nicer mornings.

As I write, it's the last stretch. Actually more 'the last days of January', lead sounds very loaded, was that really it?

Yes, actually, last week there was another one. It's the kind of week you want to end with a delicious bottle of wine or a good cocktail.
It was a week for me in which I was physically unable to do my job, because of a certain virus that is haunting. Fortunately, I was spared myself, but the irregular situation causes a lot of unrest. I think digitization is wonderful, but teaching should really remain physical. You quickly become isolated, you only have contact by phone or laptop…

My son felt this flawlessly and makes good use of it. Every day I have a bolder 5-year-old boy who unconsciously worries about his mother and himself. Do you get that cocktail now?

Crazy isn't it, because there really shouldn't be an excuse to grab a glass of wine. It must be a moment…
Fortunately, it was just a fantasy and I've had nice cups of coffee and tea the past few days. I read in another blog this week that after doing something different for 21 days, it has become a habit. Is not drinking my new habit now? I don't think so, but I am aware that I can do this, and apart from the occasional complaint, easily.

I sleep wonderfully, wake up rested, am energetic and can think clearly. That insomnia at the beginning, blame I'm worried, but I know better...

As I wrote last week, I have more 'binge eating'. These are also better under control! Start thinking more consciously about when and how much I eat, -not too much but also not too little, because then you'll soon be hungry again. I also try to get to my 10,000 steps every day, which is going pretty well! Staying busy, doing business, because no boredom means no rummaging through drawers.

So last week I've been very busy, but so absent from my own blog and social media. No salty opinions, ideas or condemnations of people for a while. Yes, you can choose not to read it, but it's almost unavoidable. I am done! Why put each other down instead of standing strong together. Support each other, regardless of everyone's opinion, listen to each other without judging.

Fortunately, I experience IkPas as a platform where those unwritten rules still apply and people want to assume the best. I have already received some nice, funny and above all honest reactions to my blogs here! Nice that interaction, be sure to follow and search for it via my social media. My motto for the last days: sit in the positive, ignore the negative. And together we will get through that last week.


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